Time to move? Time to clean those carpets!

Whether you are selling a home, moving out of a rental or into a new home, moving is a stressful time for everyone involved! The last thing you want to think about when packing up everything is getting your carpets cleaned. However, there are many reasons to consider having them cleaned upon moving out or into a new place.

1 – The unknown: For the same reason you may not have time to clean them, those moving out of the place you are moving into may not have the time either. Who knows what they have left in their carpets for the months or years they lived there! Nobody wants to live on top of dirt, grime and dander left behind from previous tenants!

2 – Allergens: Eliminating allergens in the carpet can keep you and your family healthy. Dander from the previous owners’ pets can prove harmful to your health and create unnecessary odors deep down.

3 – Tenant responsibility: In some lease contracts, it is actually the tenant’s responsibility to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon moving out. It can also decrease your chances of losing a large deposit upon moving out!

4 – Moving debris: Just moving alone can kick up hidden dirt and grime or leave your carpets stained and dirty. Most moving companies no longer require shoes to be removed when entering a home. Imagine what could be tracked in while hauling off all that furniture or what could have been hiding underneath!

5 – Increase the saleability of your home: If you are trying to sell your home, clean carpets can make a huge difference in your showings. The fresher they look and smell, the more enticing your home will appear to a potential buyer! Our low-moisture process is perfect for showings, as it dries in about an hour!

The summer can be a busy time of year for carpet cleaners, as many rental properties turn during this time. Call Ryan (706.207.5433) today to schedule your carpet cleaning so you can make sure you don’t miss a beat during your next move and can relax knowing you are truly getting a FRESH START!