Hardwood Floor Cleaning

“My Floors Look Amazing”

Flooring Worth Caring For with Professional Cleaning

Hardwood flooring and other non-carpeted hard flooring options like laminate and bamboo continue to grow in popularity, and the upwards trend is not without good reason. Wood floors can look great, last a long time, and can increase a home’s value by as much as 3-5%. Though maybe not as cozy or soft to the touch as carpets, many homes have hardwood or some “hybrid” mix our both flooring types. 

Getting Optimal Performance & Enjoyment Out of Your Hardwood Flooring

However, hardwood flooring is not care-free. For all the potential upsides of hardwood flooring, there are plenty of considerations to be mindful about. For starters, hardwood flooring requires regular cleaning. By cleaning, we don’t just mean a good Swiffer’ing now and again— though we do recommend that sort of routine maintenance. 

When to Professionally Clean Harwood Flooring and Why

To look its best, last the longest, and contribute to you and your family’s wellness, hardwood flooring should be professionally cleaned at least every year. For maximum floor performance, we recommend twice-a-year cleanings, once after winter in early spring (after a season in which salt, grit, and germs tend to be in abundance) and the other time after summer (after months of heavy indoor/outdoor traffic.

At CitruSolution, our roots are in natural-based products and processes for maximum cleaning power and minimization of harmful effects. Our hardwood floor cleaning services are no exception. 

A Few of the Many Benefits of Our Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, or Engineered Harwood Floors Cleaning Solution: 

  • Citrus-Based Enzyme Cleaner Breaks Down Dirt, Dust, and Allergens for Removal.
  • No Harsh Chemicals.
  • Safe for Pets & Children.
  • No Steam So No Warping or Other Damage to Hardwood Floors.
  • Process Scrubs and Rinses Simultaneously to Remove Dirt, Not Move it Around
  • Floors Left Dry So No Risk of Damage from Over-Wetting
  • Safely Cleans Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, and Engineered Hardwood.