The Many Benefits Of Citrus Scent!

If you’ve used CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Athens, you already know how great your carpets not only look but SMELL after a cleaning! It turns out, the Citrus scent we leave behind is pretty powerful stuff! Did you know that Citrus scents reduces stress and anxiety, energizes you and even aids in concentration?

Since CitruSolution is an all natural solution comprised of the oils from oranges, grapefruits and lemons, we had to investigate further! Check out our findings below!

Citrus fruit
Citrus scents are powerful!

Brazilian scientists had participants spend five minutes inhaling one of three substances: Sweet orange essential oil, tea tree oil, or plain old water. Participants then underwent a stressful test while having their vital signs measured. Those who sniffed orange oil were less anxious throughout the test, and the beneficial effects even lingered once the exam was over.
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Grapefruit: Anecdotal evidence suggests that grapefruit aromas can curb depression and enhance memory, says Thomley. Or try taking a whiff before meals to control your appetite. Research from Japan’s Osaka University shows that the scent of grapefruit actually boosts metabolism and reduces food cravings.

Lemon: Prepping for a major meeting? Enhance your performance and your attitude by rubbing lemon balm inside your wrist. The mild lemon scent sends you to a positive place, says Thomley. In fact, a study at the UK’sNorthumbria University found that exposure to lemon balm can improve cognitive performance and mood.

Mandarin: At the Mayo Clinic, massage therapists and acupuncturists augment therapies with the gentle scent of mandarin essential oil. Patients have reported reduced stress, better digestion and less nausea, says Thomley.
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Enjoy all of these benefits AND clean carpets when you use CitruSolution of Athens! Get an EXACTIMATE right here on our website or call Ryan to schedule your appointment (706) 207-5433!