Super Bowl Leave a Super Mess on Your Carpets?

super bowl carpet cleanup

The Super Bowl happens to be the most watched annual television program in the US. We invite our friends over to watch on the big screen, chow down on delicious food (no matter the calorie count), cheer on the underdog (since the home team didnt make it) and judge who has the funniest commercial. A great excuse to get together with friends and party on a Sunday night!

The last thing you want to wake up to Monday morning is a cheesy, meaty, wing saucy mess in your carpets or your furniture. All that delicious fooddoesn’tlook so good stuck in your carpets on your couch, does it? Dont worry if this is you come Monday. Just call CitruSolution and let us tackle the mess! Our environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning process will have your carpets looking new, clean and smelling great before you even get home from work!

Call Ryan now and schedule your Super Bowl cleanup with CitruSolution of Athens at 706-207-5433!