Shop Smarter – Learn how to avoid carpet cleaning scams!

Choosing a company to professionally clean your carpets seems easy enough, right? Most consumers naturally shop around for the lowest price in these tough economic times. Local newspapers, online and even tv ads are filled with these. However, companies offering the lowest price just might come with huge surprises! The advertised low price is just the beginning and often consumers get hit with a bill 3-10x the original quote! Common add-ons can include things like:

Fuel charges – that’s right, some companies actually charge you additional to get to your house! Ridiculous!

Soap – Can you believe this? Although we don’t believe in the soap method, a company that utilizes soap to clean your carpets should not charge you extra for using their method to do their job!

Stains – Isn’t that the reason you hire a company in the first place?

Odor removal – the cleaning process should be good enough that odors shouldn’t have to require much additional work to remove.

Watch the video below that spotlights these common carpet cleaning rip-offs.

CITRUSOLUTION IS DIFFERENT and can help you avoid these scams with our straightforward and flat (by the room) fee for using our service. No hidden fees, EVER! Our pricing is so straightforward, we say you can make the check out before we even arrive and rest assured it will remain the same no matter the fuel, the stains or the odors.

For more information on our environmentally-friendly, low-moisture process and pricing, call Ryan at 706.207.5433.