Flu Season & Your Carpets!

sick family

This year, the influenza virus is reaching new heights and wreaking havoc in the US. Health officials are saying flu season has started earlier and cases are much more severe this year. While protecting yourself with a flu shot is priority #1. Keeping your home free of harmful bacteria should be priority #2! One of the best ways to rid your home of such bacteria is to clean your carpets! Did you know that the Norwalk virus (which causes the stomach flu) can actually live in your carpets for over a month?!

Whether you have had the flu and are on the road to recovery or you are in prevention mode, give us a call at CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning. Our low-moisture process will kill the bacteria and leave your carpets dry in only one hour so you can get back to living! Our process and solution is also safe for children and pets (no harsh chemicals!). Protect yourself, your family and your pets this year with clean carpets!

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