CitruSolution and Selling Your Home!

Not only are there some great health benefits of inhaling this amazing Citrus scent, it can also aid in selling your home! Citrus scents trumps many of the scents we often think of when prepping our home for visitors and potential buyers!

Open House
Use Citrus to entice buyers!

Homeowners are often coached to create pleasing aromas when potential buyers pay a visit. But complex smells, like baked goods and potpourri, are likely to damp enthusiasm for a fast sale for top dollar, says Eric Spangenberg, dean of the college of business at Washington State University, whose study on the effects of aromas is scheduled to appear in the Journal of Retailing next month.

He and his co-authors studied 402 people in a home-dcor store in Switzerland over 18 days in 2010 and found that shoppers spent 31.8% more, on average, when the store was scented with a simple orange scent over a complex blend of orange, basil and green tea. The same principles apply to open houses, Prof. Spangenberg says, because in both cases, the aromas may affect cognitive functions in the same areas of the brain involved in decision-making.

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