Introducing Citrus Carpet Cleaning of Barrow County GA.

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Barrow, GA proudly serves both homes, business, and congregations in Barrow County. There are over 46,000 people in Barrow County, and we work hard everyday to make sure we exceed expectations on each and every job. Whether you have a home in need of quality carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, or upholstery cleaning, or run one of the many thriving businesses that line our historic streets, more Barrow residents trust CitruSolutions of Barrow County. We are the environmentally friendly citrus solution that’s safe for pets and kids, and we get results. We are also a Member in Excellent Standing with the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce.

How did we earn the trust of Barrow County?

We are honored that you invite me, local business owner Ryan McDonald, to bring a team into your wonderful homes, businesses and office buildings. You know full well the oftentimes dubious reputation of carpet cleaning companies in Barrow GA. Find out what our Barrow clients like The Georgia Club already know: we have changed the game and staked our claim in Georgia as something different: We only send professional, qualified, and trained employees to clean carpets in your residences, businesses, and commercial spaces, and we NEVER create or hold you to small print. That sense of relief you’re feeling is our business model: deliver quality, professional results on time and on budget. Every. Single. Time.

What does Citrus Carpet Cleaning of Barrow County cost?

We only offer Exactimates, to our surprise a novel concept in the carpet cleaning business. The price we quote you is exactly what you’ll pay. You’ll pay no more and no less than what we agree to in advance based on the number of rooms, hallways, and staircases. You can learn more about our affordable carpet pricing here. “Heavy stain removal fee” is something you’ll never hear pass our lips. We understand you don’t have time to indulge mediocre results and imperfect service. Who wants to argue and haggle with the local carpet cleaner? Not us. We built CitruSolutions Carpet Cleaning of Barrow County around the idea that you don’t have to compromise, that we can work together to live up to the legacy of our county’s namesake, David Crenshaw Barrow Jr., past Chancellor of the University of Georgia.


Why is our product better for Barrow?


  • No harmful chemicals polluting your home – our patented citru formula is safe for pets and kids.

  • Our low-moisture formula means no wet, smelly carpet after it is “cleaned”

  • Our spots don’t reappear, because we’re actually dissolving them.

  • Our Exactimates are always the price you pay, never more no matter what.

  • Say goodbye to fine print.


We invite you to learn more about our carpet cleaning process, and see why we’re different. We look forward to hearing from you today! Please feel free to Contact Us now.