“The floors look amazing. Although this is my second visit, this is the first time I’ve seen the results first-hand (I moved out of the last place before your visit then). I hope I can call on you again in a few months. Please send my thanks to the technician who visited my home today.”


“We hired CitruSolution for a move-out carpet cleaning in a rental home I lived in with my family, including our two dogs, for approximately 6 months. I am so pleased with both the professionalism of the technician, Dave, and with Ryan’s responsiveness and honesty. He stuck to the estimate he quoted me in the email, and I appreciate that kind of integrity, so much so, I plan to use his service again for all my future carpet cleaning in my new home! Additionally, Dave was up front with me about any possible issues that could arise after assessing our carpets. Fortunately, no issues arose, but I appreciated the heads-up nonetheless because I had a bad experience with Stanley Steemer last year where they made guarantees, took my money and then a week later, my landlord sent me an angry letter for supposedly not adequately cleaning the carpets. I told Dave this story and thanked him for being so honest so that there would be no shocks or surprises. As it is, the carpets looked and smelled immaculate and brand new after the job was completed! What is so amazing to me is that I paid less than half for their service than I did for Stanley Steemer a year ago in a larger condo, so I can’t say enough about how fair Citrusolution’s prices are. It was also not cumbersome. Their equipment is simple enough that I did not have to be gone all day while they brought a whole bunch of tubes and air dryers into my house, which I experienced in the past with other companies. They also left some great carpet cleaner solution with us to maintain our carpets, which we can use in our new home. Thank you Ryan and Dave!”

–privacy requested

“I met Ryan last year and found him to be someone that is trustworthy and dependable. My wife and I had him come out to our home and clean all of the carpets while we were on vacation. When we returned, the whole house smelled of citrus and all of the carpets were clean. That was about 4 months ago and none of the previous stains have returned….the carpets are still clean! I would highly recommend Ryan and Citru Solutions if you are looking for someone who is honest, professional and dependable.”

-Steve M., Athens GA

“Had the carpets upstairs done last month. Got all of the dog out of ‘em. The place smelled like an orange grove in the spring time! Really clean and it was dry in just an hour. He’s coming back next week to clean the two lazy boys (chairs- not dogs) and wool leopard print area rug.”

-Peter H., Athens GA

“Watching these guys clean a carpet, you would think it is from an infomercial…except, it actually exists. The owner of the business oversees everything, comes to your house, and the best part….they clean your carpet with an environmentally safe, citrus-based, solution! If you need a carpet cleaned, your are crazy not to use them!”

-Andy O., Athens GA

“I could not be MORE excited about the carpet cleaning I just got from Ryan at CitruSolution of Athens. It is so nice. I have paid the same amount for a cleaning previously and walked in the door afterwards only to be disappointed. I tell y’all, my carpet was nasty. I wanted to rip it out but we didn’t have the money to replace it. It is now A-freaking -MAZING! Thanks Ryan!!”

Bonnie W., Athens GA

“CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Athens is fantastic!! If you need your carpet cleaned give them a call, mine look great!!!”

-Gwen S., Athens GA

“I was skeptical of the CitruSolution’s claims to being the best carpet cleaning company in Athens, but I had heard only good things so gave Ryan a shot. From start to finish, the process was professional, the service impeccable, and the results phenomenal. My carpets looked like new and even smelled citrusy fresh. I now understand why CitruSolution was voted the best carpet cleaner in Athens. I recommend their services without hesitation.”

-Stephen R., Athens GA

“Great product and the service is terrific and very professional!”

-Susan C., Athens GA